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Cloud x Zack is a community for, well, the love of the pairing pretty much. They both came from the popular video game Final Fantasy VII and the pairing has bloomed since. Now, they're still paired up and made into fanworks that neither Cloud nor Zack could even resist.

Cloud: I can't believe people would write about us like that.
Zack: It's pretty vivid.
Cloud: Nothing like that will ever happen.. -_-
Zack: I'm not so sure about that now.. (<

What is allowed
1. Fanworks such as fanfics, fanart, avatars, cosplay..almost anything related to the pairing is great! Anything to keep their love alive, but please don't steal anyone's work and bring it here.
2. Advertising communities so long as it's Cloud x Zack related.
3. Requests, but don't beg.

1. Keep everything related to Cloud and Zack. I don't mind other pairings included, but don't keep them separated! It's a community for CxZ remember.
2. Not flaming, bashing, or harsh criticisms. This is not an English nor Art class. Though constructive criticism for improvement is acceptable, but please don't bring anyone down.
3. Anyone who starts flaming or bashing will result in a BAN. Plain and simple. If you don't like the pairing, leave or make your own "anti-" community.
4. As I posted before, please don't steal other people's work and call it your own. If you want to post another person's work, get permission from them and credit them when you do so. The last thing I want to see in a community is drama.

If there is any questions or concerns, my e-mail is e.kairi@gmail.com.

Have fun!